Apr 7, 2021
Mar 29, 2021

Episode 276: MSP Versus MSSP: What’s The Difference?

The difference is bigger than you might think.
Mar 23, 2021

Episode 275: Ohio’s State & Local Tax Update

Find out how state and local taxes are impacting businesses today and what's in store for tomorrow ...
Mar 15, 2021

Episode 274: Manufacturing Outlook: Essential Functions For Your Business

How To Prepare For The Unexpected: Lessons Learned 2020 taught us many lessons, mainly that you will never truly be prepared for everything no matter how hard you try. Even so, understanding the essential functions of your business may help keep you going strong until you can get back on course. Andrew Geiser, a senior … Continued
Mar 9, 2021

Episode 273: Busy Season Just Got Busier: Tax Updates, Deadlines, & Biden’s Plan

Wondering what you can expect in the world of tax updates now that Biden is in the Whitehouse?
Mar 1, 2021

Episode 272: Charitable Giving: What Donors Can Expect In 2021

When it comes to charitable giving, there are enough benefits to go around.
Feb 23, 2021

Episode 271: More Than Taxes: Tax Pros Tackle CARES Act, PPP, & ERC This Busy Season

Looking for a tax pro to weigh in on the CARES Act, PPP, ERC, and potential tax law changes! No problem - we've got two!
Feb 16, 2021

Episode 270: Building Company Morale In A Virtual World

What is your business doing to be awesome?
Feb 8, 2021

269: The Rise of Central Ohio’s Development: One Columbus

Wondering what's happening in Columbus and Central Ohio? Chip gives us some insight into One Columbus and what we can expect in the years ahead.
Feb 2, 2021

Episode 268: Information Technology To-Do’s To Grow Your Organization

Your company's IT function is critical to your business's overall security infrastructure. What are you doing to keep yours healthy?