Episode 293: The Future of Robots in Your Workplace

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Meet Lesley

Lesley Mast is a principal and firm project manager at Rea & Associates, with over 20 years of experience in the accounting industry. She is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and involved in numerous professional development organizations such as, the American Institute of CPA's, the Ohio Society of CPA's, and the Wayne Economic Development Council (board of directors member, treasurer). Currently, she serves as a manager of special projects for Rea, where she oversees the implementation of robotic process automation. Click here to learn more about Lesley.

Robots in the Workplace: Examining the Future of Robotic Automation

The addition of robotic process automation in the workplace has been a spicy topic over the last few years. But, as you might expect, there are a lot of concerns out there – especially among those in the workforce who are worried that robotics will eventually be a replacement for the hard work we humans do every day.  Thinking about robots in the workplace can feel like a futuristic dream, but the reality is that robotic automation is becoming more and more common. But what would robots in the workplace really look like?

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What Robots in the Workplace Mean for Your Business

Opinions on the use of robots in the workplace vary, but understanding the scope of what robots can do will help you make an educated choice on what options would best serve your business. Each year, new robotics options emerge and offer new ways to automate and streamline business processes. While not every task can or should be automated, robots serve as a viable option to alleviate stress on employees and business owners alike.

What You’ll Learn About Robotics in the Workplace

We’re going to separate fact from fiction when it comes to bots in the workplace and we’re bringing on Lesley Mast, a Rea principal and leader in our own efforts to implement robotic process automation. We’re going to talk about what it is, what it isn’t, and how it can be used to drive greater levels of efficiency all while freeing up your human workforce and taking your business to the next level!

Listen to this episode of unsuitable to learn:

  • What automation is and how it applies to businesses
  • What can and can’t be automated
  • Next steps for RPA

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