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Experienced Professionals: Make Your Mark (And A Difference) At A Top 100 CPA Firm

“Choose to be positive, every day.
Show others that you care. Work together.
Rejoice in other’s achievements. Embrace change.
Be open to the possibilities.
Opportunities abound.”

The Rea Way

Read on to learn how Rea & Associates supports experienced professionals and others pursuing a career within the accounting industry.

We’ve heard about the many reasons experienced professionals throughout the accounting profession have chosen to make the switch to Rea & Associates over the years. From a desire to make a real difference among the clients they serve, to wanting a better work-life balance to gain the professional satisfaction they are looking for while being present for their families, their organizations, and even maintaining some really great hobbies outside of the office. Rea & Associates is proud of our ability to offer these opportunities and more to the numerous talented men and women who have chosen to join the Rea family. Yes – busy season is still busy season. BUT, it’s not as demanding as you might experience at a Big Four firm. It’s important to us that you are comfortable, supported, and refreshed … even when you are in the thick of it. If you are an experienced professional with an established track record for driving excellence, we would love to talk to you.

Do More, Go Further

Rea & Associates is in growth mode and we are looking for experienced professionals to help us deliver amazing results for the businesses, nonprofits, and government entities we serve. In addition to providing the typical compliance services you can find at any other CPA firm, we are taking our consulting game to the next level with the introduction of cybersecurity and data protection, client advisory and accounting services, HR consulting, specialized tax services and more. Our clients trust us to provide proactive solutions to the challenges they face every day and we are committed to delivering meaningful results. Rea & Associates continues to move up the list in the annual Top 100 CPA firms and we are looking to continue this trend. But to be successful, we are looking for experienced professionals to help us lead the charge. In return, we will provide you with the support you need to do more and go further in your career than you ever thought possible.

If you are looking for a change – one that will provide professional and personal satisfaction and balance. If you are looking for the challenge of providing “big firm” solutions while enjoying a “small-firm” atmosphere and culture. If you are ready to make a real difference in the lives of our clients and the people and causes they serve, click the button below to discover the role you were born to play and apply today.

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Competitive Salary, Work-Life Balance, & So Much More

Employee Benefits For Experienced Professionals

The year’s of experience you’ve accumulated and the name and reputation you’ve made for yourself matter. When you join the Rea team, you won’t be starting over. We are prepared to offer experienced professionals competitive compensation, generous paid time off, and a robust benefits package to join our team. We have offered a snapshot of a generic compensation package below – but, if you are selected to join Rea & Associates – your package will be unique to you. If you have questions, you can contact a member of our firm’s HR team today.


  • You’ll receive a competitive compensation package that will be reviewed annually.
  • Generous CPA exam bonus program and tuition reimbursement opportunities
  • Excellence bonuses for going above and beyond
  • Technical excellence awards
  • New business incentive program
  • 401(k) profit-sharing plan with 3 percent employer safe harbor contribution

Paid Time Off

  • Generous paid time off
  • Paid holidays
  • Maternity & paternity leave
  • Short and long-term disability
  • Bereavement
  • Family leave

Health & Wellness

  • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance plans
  • Flexible spending and health saving accounts
  • Voluntary insurance options, including accident, critical illness, term life/AD&D
  • Access to Everside Health, a no deductible healthcare option that includes access to free primary care, screenings and immunizations, urgent care, generic drugs, and more.
  • Access to Teladoc as part of the Rea medical benefits plan
  • Employee Assistance Program to promote a healthy work-life balance

Additional Policies & Benefits For Rea Employees

  • A “Dress For Your Day” policy allows you to maintain a polished appearance while remaining comfortable in your clothes.
  • “Work From Anywhere” policy to promote a positive work/life balance
  • Clothing allowance for recent graduates
  • Mileage and personal car use reimbursement policy
  • Recruitment referral reward program for helping identify additional top talent
  • Rewards for helping conduct research in our markets, regarding programs, and among our clients
  • Employee discounts at Verizon

Note: Rea & Associates is committed to helping employees achieve their best health status. Our firm promotes and encourages a tobacco-free environment.

Note: Specific qualifications must be met to be eligible for certain policies and benefits at Rea & Associates. The above outline provides a general overview of what policies and benefits are available to our Rea team members if all qualifications are met. Rea policies and benefits are subject to change.

Continued professional education (CPE) at Rea includes supplemental coursework, soft-skill development, and so much more. - Rea & Associates - Ohio CPA Firm

Career Growth & Professional Support

Continued Professional Education

As you continue to grow in your career, we will continue to support your professional development at all stages and provide additional opportunities to help shape the future of the firm. Through The Rea Academy, you will gain the ongoing training and supplemental coursework needed to remain effective while exposing you to leadership opportunities. Below is just a taste of the programs we offer to experience professionals throughout the firm:

  • Supplemental Coursework
  • Firm-Wide Retreat
  • Performance Coach Training
  • Ride-Along Program
  • Soft Skill Development
  • Play To Your Strengths Initiative
  • NextGen Leadership Program
  • Manager Advisory Board
  • Talent Development Process
  • Professional & Leadership Training

Become Famous For Doing Great Work

Are You The Go-To Resource For Your Expertise? Want To Be?

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who should enjoy the limelight! That’s why Rea & Associates has created the “Famous Person” initiative, which gives those of us in the professional services profession an opportunity to be known for doing amazing work and mastering key abilities, concepts, and skills. We want you to be known for what you do and we will help you along the way!

Rea provides a lot of great tools to help you generate the attention and recognition you deserve. From opportunities to write in quarterly newsletters seen by tens of thousands of readers, a robust insights page, videos, and access to a media relations team, we are committed to providing you with a platform that will help you shine.

One of our most popular mediums in Rea’s award-winning weekly accounting and business consulting podcast, unsuitable on Rea Radio, led by Doug Houser, a principal with the firm and director of construction and real estate services. Each week, he interviews a guest on a topic that addresses current challenges among our key audiences – small- to mid-sized business owners, nonprofit organization leaders, and government entities. While we occasionally bring on outside guests, we primarily want to hear from the Rea team about their experiences and how they are helping clients. Check it out to hear how we are using our podcast to help organizations thrive!