Taking A Look At The Tax Bill

We know your head is probably spinning with tax reform questions. After all, this is the most wide-ranging tax reform since 1986. Having said that, not paying attention to the changes coming with the new tax law could cost you a significant amount of money. So, what are the major implications of the tax reform … Continued

Understanding Business Insurance

Knowing how to handle your business insurance filing when taxes are due can be more work than necessary. Without the proper guidance, you could miss out on tax benefits.

Leave Your Business On Your Terms

Columbus Smart Business Turns To Rea BV Leader For Exit Strategy Insight You can never start thinking about exiting your business too early. At least, that’s what Tim McDaniel, a principal and director of business valuation services at Rea, told Smart Business in an article about succession planning. In the article, “How to ensure that … Continued

This Is Why You Should Know Your Business’s True Value

1,000 Business Valuations Later, McDaniel Shares Important Insight With Columbus CEO Ever wonder why business consultants continue to insist on you having a business valuation done on your company? Tim McDaniel, a valuations expert with Rea & Associates, says it’s because there is a pretty major disconnect between what a business is actually worth and what … Continued

Will Your Business Sell?

Find Out What Buyers Are Looking For When Considering An Acquisition Are you ready to consider your exit strategy? Will you be putting your business up for sale? Even if you do, how confident are you that it will catch a buyer’s eye. Smart Business Columbus asked these questions of Tim McDaniel, a principal with … Continued

The More You Know, The More You Grow

Smart Business Discovers The Secret To Business Growth If you are wondering what the secret is to growing your business, you may be surprised to find out how simple the answer is – you have to know its current actual value. That’s what Rea’s Tim McDaniel told Roger Vozar in a recent article with Smart … Continued