Retirement Plan Services

Unique Services for Retirement Plans Like Yours

Smaller retirement plans with less than $10 million in assets and fewer than 100 participants have unique needs. You need the independence and objectivity you would expect from a regional CPA firm – and whether you realize it or not, you need to understand exactly what fees your plan is paying. Learn more about the wide variety of services our team of retirement plan professionals can provide. Click on each topic below for more information.

Retirement Plan Services For Businesses

Don't view your plan audit as a necessary evil. You can actually get information from your plan to help you achieve your business goals – and with limited distractions to you and your staff. Read on to learn more.

Your business is unlike any other, so its retirement plan should be uniquely designed as well. Keep reading to learn more about our plan design capabilities.

Participant record keeping and reporting. Enrollment. Distribution processing. Governmental compliance and reporting. How do you keep it all straight? We offer plan administration services to keep it all straight for you. Leaving you free to focus on other things. Read on to learn more.

How well does your plan's decision-making process meet a defined global fiduciary standard of excellence with the goal of improving the plan's long-term performance? Not sure? Looking for a little help in this area? We've got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about our fiduciary assessment and consulting services.

Are you confused by the process of selecting plan service providers? You don't have to be. Our service provider search services takes the guess work out of the process and will leave you confident that you've met your fiduciary duties and have chosen the best service provider for your unique circumstances. Read on to learn more.

Is your business a physician or dental practice with a plan under $10 million in assets and fewer than 100 participants? If so, we've got your prescription. Find out what unique retirement plan services we can provide for physicians and dentists.

Are you paying too much for your retirement plan? Getting too little? How do you know? ERISA requirements can be easy to understand, but hard to comply with. A unique plan benchmarking service helps you compare apples to apples – and stay compliant. Keep reading to discover PlanCompare™.

In July of 2018, Rea's retirement plan services team contacted the CEFEX organization and requested an independent analyst provide us with a comprehensive independent review. The process was rigorous and their assessment took months to complete. Now, after going through the audit and carefully evaluating our internal procedures, we are proud to share with you that Rea has attained CEFEX certification. Read on to find out our certification will impact the work we do for you.

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