Nonprofit Services

Serving roughly 350 foundations, organizations and trade associations

Do your financial reporting tools help your organization gain trust and integrity in the communities you serve? Does your not-for-profit organization take full advantage of its entitled tax exemptions? Do you receive guidance and advice to help your board of directors and membership make informed, appropriate decisions when necessary? The right guidance can greatly influence your organization’s growth and prosperity.

Not-for-profit organizations turn to the Rea team for compliance and strategic services, including:

  • Audits and reviews
  • Fair value measurements
  • Financial reporting enhancements
  • Internal control structure
  • Internal financial reports
  • Net asset classifications
  • Not-for-profit tax preparation and planning
  • Organizing accounts to take maximum tax advantage
  • Procedural manual documentation
  • QuickBooks training and consulting
  • Revenue recognition

For additional information, contact our not-for-profit team. Plus, read articles on best practices for not-for-profit organizations in the article library.