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Episode 288: Is Your Business Putting National Security At Risk?

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Meet Ty

Ty Whittenburg is a CMMC-Registered Practitioner and cybersecurity expert. In this role, Ty can be found ensuring an organization's technology and networks in an effort to drive business objectives by identifying potential loss events, reducing their frequency, and minimizing loss magnitude. He is uniquely positioned to develop technology decisions designed to achieve organizational objectives and ensure safeguards are built into the organization's ecosystem.

Ty Whittenburg | Tyrone Whittenburg | CMMC Expert | Ohio Business Podcast

What Is CMMC & Why Do Some Businesses Need It To Protect National Security?

Cyber threats and data breaches are making the news more and more. It’s a terrible thing when it happens to any business, but when your business does work for the government it’s particularly bad – it could put national security at risk. 

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Discover how CMMC works compared to other commonly-used protection measures. Click the image to see the full-size graphic.

Everything You Need To Know About CMMC

The Department of Defense recently implemented the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) to help protect America, data on American citizens, and other aspects of individual businesses that work for the Department of Defense (DoD). The goal is to create a sustainable cybersecurity maturity model that prevents bad actors from accessing vital, important, and personal information, also known as controlled unclassified information (CUI) within the supply chain.

Ty Whittenburg, a cybersecurity expert, joins Doug Houser to explain what CMMC is, what CMMC means for business, and how business owners can implement the processes necessary. Ty has presented multiple CMMC webinars and continues to emerge as a leader in the CMMC space. He regularly works with businesses within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) to provide cybersecurity protection from all fronts. Moreover, his experience in the U.S. military has proven to be beneficial when gaining insight into the vulnerabilities that may exist for Rea clients.

Don’t Put Our National Security At Risk.

This short, 20-minute episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio, answers some of the most frequently asked questions among business owners with regard to their CMMC responsibilities. Listen now to learn:

  • What is CMMC?
  • What should a System Security Plan include?
  • How do businesses fulfill CMMC requirements?
  • And so much more …

Learn More About CMMC

Doug Houser Interviews Ty Whittenburg | Tyrone Whittenburg | Ohio Business Podcast

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