Podcast – Rea CPA
Jan 14, 2020

Episode 217: Improving Your Life Vision With 20/20 Gratitude

Want to strengthen your relationships, workplace atmosphere and immune system? Introducing "grategies."
Jan 7, 2020

Episode 216: State & Local Tax Surprises That Hurt Business Value

If you’re a business owner, you probably have some thoughts about someday leaving your business and embarking on retirement. However, as you contemplate which exit plan route is right for you, there are some pretty major considerations to be aware of that could ultimately hurt the overall value of your business. Joe Popp, principal and … Continued
Dec 17, 2019

Episode 215: Employee Benefit Health Plan Opportunities For Smart Businesses

The quality of the American healthcare system continues to be an explosive topic. But instead of standing idly by until something is done to make the current system better, smart businesses are taking steps to help ease the pain their employees are feeling today. Some employers have started looking for new ways to take care … Continued
Dec 9, 2019

Episode 214: Family Legacy Planning Explained

When it comes to planning your legacy, are you savvy or are you selfish?
Dec 4, 2019

Episode 213: Are Your Company’s Finances in Order? It’s Not Too Late (But It Will Be Soon)

Did you get everything done that you wanted to cover over the course of 2019?
Nov 26, 2019

Episode 212: The Retirement Crisis: How Your Business & Employees Can Come Out On Top

Around 10,000 people reach retirement age every day. Unfortunately, not all of them will be able to retire as planned.
Nov 19, 2019

Episode 211: Financial Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Newsflash! When it comes to making financial decisions - people simply aren't rational.
Nov 12, 2019

Episode 210: What You Need To Know Before Filing Your 2019 Tax Return

Welcome to tax prep season. Let us introduce you to your guide, Chris Axene ...
Nov 4, 2019

Episode 209: Want To Grow Your Business? Try Joining A Trade Association

Growth may be closer than you think ... listen and learn how to tap into your industry's resources.
Oct 28, 2019

episode 208: State & Local Taxes And New Nexus Rules

The New Way Of Doing Business For those of you who do business across state lines, your days of paying taxes in a single state are pretty much over. Since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on South Dakota v. Wayfair, one by one, states across the country have taken steps to become more aggressive when it … Continued