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Outsourcing Your Payroll Means One Less Thing to Worry About

Administering your company's payroll can be scary. And what's worse, the work is never done. You or a member of your team has to drop everything and take time to work on payroll. When it's not done properly and timely, the penalties can be as much as the payroll tax. And of course the rules of Unemployment and Worker's Compensation are constantly changing, making it difficult to keep up.

Benefits to Outsourcing

When you outsource your payroll function, you have one less thing to worry about. Whether your business is too small to justify a fulltime payroll clerk or a larger company with complicated payroll needs, our payroll specialists can often administer your payroll function more quickly and cost-effectively than when you take on the task yourself. We recently helped one of our clients with payroll duties after an acquisition more than doubled its size and added a second location. By outsourcing the payroll function, the business owner and the employees experienced a seamless transition to their new company structure. The employees saw no change in how their payroll was administered, and the business owner continued managing the business as usual, with the confidence that the payroll function was being handled promptly and efficiently.
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