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Outsourcing Your Accounting Function

There are many options when it comes to outsourcing accounting functions in your company and that's the beauty of the service. You can get help in areas ranging from administering the accounts payable, paying the bills, to sending invoices to your customers, to handling payroll services, to temporary work while a business is between personnel.

Some businesses find that they don't need to pay a comptroller by having an employee performing data entry and relying on Rea's accounting professionals for just a few hours each month. In other cases, businesses don't wish to share proprietary information with other staff members – so they outsource the processing of this sensitive information. Some businesses outsource their payroll function and retain their other accounting responsibilities. And still others use Rea in a transitional role to help train new staff members or provide back-up services during vacations.

Regardless of your accounting needs, you may be able to gain from our outsourcing accounting services – for less cost than you might imagine. To learn more, contact Rea & Associates.