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Episode 282: How Do Remote Workers Affect Your Taxes?

Kathy Lamonica | Tax Issues With Remote Work | Ohio CPA Firm

Meet Kathy

Kathy LaMonica, a principal on Rea's state and local tax team, serves clients from the Cleveland office. She is a Vertex Certified Professional, detailed-oriented leader, and a tech-savvy sales and use tax guru. In her role, she is responsible for assisting clients with a range of state and local tax challenges and specializes in complicated multi-state corporate sales and use tax compliance. Click here to learn more about Kathy. 

Kathy LaMonica Talks About Nexus | Remote Employees | Ohio CPA Firm

Are Remote Workers Worth It? Out-Of-State Employees Trigger Nexus

Remote work has become a part of the new normal and, as a business owner, you can’t help but wonder how these changes will affect your business in the years to come. Unfortunately, if you keep remote workers on the payroll, these same out-of-state employees might very well trigger nexus for your business, which will ultimately open your organization up to additional state and local tax liability. Listen to this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio, to find out if your business is already at risk and secure some answers to your most pressing remote work questions.

Kathy LaMonica, a principal and senior manager on Rea & Associates‘ State and Local Tax (SALT) team, is breaking down the layers of remote work and what landmines do you need to be aware of. She will help you determine your responsibilities with regard to registering for payroll taxes in new states and more.

On-Demand Webinar Addresses Remote Workforce

If you would also like to learn more about the state and local tax obligations associated with a remote workforce, as well as the potential HR compliance issues that could arise, check out an informative, hour-long webinar. The free presentation was pre-recorded and features insight from Kathy, professional HR consultant Renee West, and Rea’s resident payroll guru Dee Gray. Then, of course, if you have any additional questions that we weren’t able to answer during the webinar or in this episode of Rea’s award-winning weekly podcast, reach out to us directly.

What You’ll Hear About The Impact Of Remote Workers

  • For the purposes of state and local tax obligations, you’ll hear how employees who work remotely can impact your bottom line.
  • You’ll gain a better understanding of the impact of out-of-state employment on your business.
  • Registering for taxes in new states might be a new responsibility for your company. You’ll learn how to get it done and avoid fees and penalties.

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Doug Houser Interviews Kathy LaMonica | State & Local Tax | Ohio CPA Firm

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