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Episode 255: Under Pressure: States Turn To Businesses To Bridge The Revenue Gap

Joe Popp | State & Local Tax Revenue | Ohio Business Podcast

Meet Joe

Joe Popp, JD, LLM, is principal and state and local tax services director at Rea & Associates. He's also a regular podcast guest who is known for both his humor and state and local tax expertise - among other things. In addition to sharing his insight with business owners on unsuitable, Joe is regularly tapped to present at regional and national conferences and is regularly interviewed for local publications. His areas of expertise include state and local tax, the Affordable Care Act, state and federal tax audits, and choice of entity direction. Check out his full bio to learn more. 

Joe Popp SALT Expert | unsuitable on Rea Radio | Ohio Business Podcast

The COVID-19 Recovery Continues

States are under pressure and looking for businesses to help bridge the gap. Increased expenses, decreased revenue, and minimal support are a few things that they are battling with. 

Joe Popp, principal and director of state and local tax (SALT) Services, is here to give insight on state revenues and departments, tips that could help preserve state business, and what you can do to not be at risk.

What You’ll Hear

  • Why states are under so much financial pressure right now
  • What is happening in Ohio and other states right now
  • What to consider as a taxpayer

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