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When: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
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Discover the not-so-obvious challenges your business might face when implementing a new remote work policy for employees - Rea & Associates - Ohio Consulting Firm

The Not-So-Obvious Business Implications Of Remote Work

Organizations of all sizes continue to transition their employees to remote work. While technology may make this type of shift easy, handbook updates, state and local tax considerations, and payroll challenges present areas of concern. This webinar will help owners think about the impact remote work policies might have on your organization.

First, seriously consider whether this type of workplace flexibility is right for your business or organization. Then, upon deciding to move forward, think about the advisors you'll need to reach out to for help. Your advisor team should work to identify a solution that works in the company's financial best interest while maintaining compliance with all applicable tax laws. Of course, be sure to always review your company's existing policies before forging ahead. Finally, think through the importance of writing new guidance for employees to follow and the protection you need to secure for ongoing business protection.

Join Rea & Associates for a free, hour-long webinar, to gain insight from a State & Local Tax perspective. Then you'll gain the insight necessary to better understand policies and procedures from a Human Resource professional. Wrapping up, our trio of subject matter experts will review some of the biggest land mines you need to be aware of when registering for payroll taxes in new states, and more!

What You'll Hear About Remote Work & How It Impacts Your Business

During this presentation, you'll hear about the impact a remote work could have on your various parts of your organization, including your:

  • Tax Bill - Learn why employing out-of-state team members may impact your business's tax liability. Be sure to understand how a remote work relationship could trigger nexus in new states.
  • Company Logistics - Prepare for new “work-from-anywhere programs” and how to manage employees who have decided to work remote.
  • Employee Handbook -What policies and procedures should employers consider pertaining to the remote work environment? Employee accountability, work schedules, performance metrics, and communication timeliness should all be addressed.
  • And more ...

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Want to find out what considerations you should be making before you green light your new remote work policy? Wondering what you need to do before you begin managing remote employees? Worried about the state and local tax implications that follow you when you establish nexus in areas you've never had nexus in before? This webinar is for you - and it's available to view now! Just fill out the form below.

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