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Episode 301: Cyber Criminals Won’t Back Down. Is Your Organization Safe?

Meet Mark

Mark is a corporate development executive and technology entrepreneur with success in telecommunications and software aimed at critical infrastructure. In 2010 he co-founded Agile Networks, LLC to blend fiber and last mile LTE across the state of Ohio. In 2015 he joined InfoGPS as Chief Development Officer to help organizations better understand their data risk. InfoGPS automates the discovery and monitoring of CUI across entire networks, down to individual endpoints, allowing OSCs and RPOs to instantly scope CMMC engagements for digital CUI. Learn more about Mark.  

Cyber Crime is on the Rise. How Are You Preparing?

We’ve heard it time and time again, cyber crime is on the rise. But what about preparing your organization, not just yourself? Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting organizations and businesses, even schools. So, in these changing times, how can organizations continue to keep their data safe, and cyber threats at bay?

What You’ll Learn About Keeping Cyber Criminals at Bay

Mark Dowd, Chief Development Officer at InfoGPS, joins us to discuss what every organization should have in their tool box to protect from threats, current trends, and more.

Listen to this episode of unsuitable to learn:

  • What the scope of cyber threats looks like
  • Common mistakes that many businesses make regarding cybersecurity
  • What comes next in the field of cybersecurity

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