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On-Site HR Compliance

As a business owner, you’re not only required to have specific written policies, but there are also a variety of requirements in how you file and store various HR-related information. These files can range from I-9 documentation to personnel files to health insurance information.

Our HR Consulting Services team has developed a framework to evaluate and provide On-Site HR Compliance Support. Members of our team can come to your business and use the framework to evaluate your business’s HR system, share our findings and then provide actionable recommendations on how to improve or strengthen your system.

Through our On-Site HR Compliance Support, we can also provide best practices for how to correct any issues that are in violation of current federal or state regulations. These best practices can translate into thousands of dollars of savings (from potential fines) to our clients.

All clients who receive these on-site services from our team will receive documentation of our findings, corrective action recommendations and potential areas of risk.

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Not sure how your business stacks up against current federal and state regulations? Contact Rea’s HR Consulting Services team to learn more about how our on-site HR compliance support services could save you thousands!