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Article Series | Small Business Corner

Addressing Challenges Faced By Small- to Mid-Sized Businesses

“Small Business Corner,” a regular series published in The Rea Report, our quarterly print publication, is a special series designed to provide owners of small- to mid-sized businesses with expert insight designed to take their business aspirations to a whole new level. To read past articles in this series, check out the links below.

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HR Solutions For Every Size & Budget – Maintaining compliance in key areas of HR is tough during a “normal” year. Unfortunately, normal no longer exists and the pressure to meet the changing organizational demands resulting from COVID-19 throughout your organization has never been higher.

Equal Opportunities To Succeed – Minority- and women-owned businesses in the United States of America have a huge impact on their communities and the country as a whole. We’ve pulled together a list of resources designed to help these owners of small- to mid-sized businesses find success.

It’s Time To Reassess: Can You Turn Lemons Into Lemonade? – As economic conditions change and businesses start to reopen, we encourage business leaders to take this time to reassess their existing business strategies and relationships.

Expect The Unexpected – How do you protect your business against the unexpected while ensuring you never miss a beat? Give a business continuity plan a try.

Is Your Company Too Small For Self-Insurance? – If you associate self-insured health plans with big, public companies with a few thousand employees, you might be surprised to learn that small-to-mid-sized businesses can benefit from specific types of self-insured plans too.

Exit Planning Options Every Business Owner Over 50 Should Know – Exiting your business will be one of the most emotionally difficult things you’ll ever do. But one of the best things you can do for you and your business is to ditch the cookie-cutter exit plans and design an option that addresses your unique goals and objectives.

QuickBooks For Businesses Looking For A Boost – If maintaining better books is the name of the game, QuickBooks could be the power play your business needs to level up.

Is Your Business Ready For An Audit? – Preparing for an audit can be overwhelming and time-consuming, and if you’re not ready, you may experience issues and significant delays (maybe even additional audits!). Read on for tips to help you prepare and learn how to use the audit to your benefit.

Running Remotely: Tips To Help You Run Your Business From Afar – Have you ever wondered if it would be possible for you to pack a bag, move someplace warmer and run your business from afar. Good news! It’s totally possible, as long as you keep the three T’s in mind. Read on to learn more.

How Well Do You Know Your Customers? – Social media gives businesses the gift of easily accessible market trends and simple consumer research techniques. Read on to learn more.

On Your Guard – Cybercrime continues to plague small businesses. Keep reading to learn what you can do to anticipate these risks.

Get Out From Behind The Eight Ball – How staying up-to-date and anticipating technology trends could benefit your business. Keep reading to learn more.

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Updated: 07/07/2021