Episode 281: Embrace Your Inner Sales Guru

How To Be A Better Salesperson | Todd Cohen | Ohio Business Podcast

Meet Todd

Want to know how to become a better salesperson? Want to get over your fear of sales? Wondering why it's so hard to sell to prospects? Wonder no more ... Todd Cohen, certified keynote speaker, author, and sales guru, is passionate about helping business leaders in their efforts to build sales cultures and become better salespeople. Todd is the principal of Sales Leader LLC and author of two books on sales culture (links below). He's also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Philadelphia Business Journal, a frequent guest lecturer, a tenured certified speaking professional, and a dynamic host of the Toddcast podcast on sales culture. Click here to learn more about Todd. 

Todd Cohen | unsuitable on Rea Radio | Ohio CPA Firm

Oh no! Not Another Salesman!!!

“Sales” has a bad reputation. When you think about somebody who “sells” for a living, what type of person do you think about? Does the image of a pushy car salesman come to mind? Or maybe you’re thinking about a conversation you had with pushy telemarketers during dinner? Why does the very thought of “sales” leave such a bad taste in our mouth?

On this episode of unsuitable, we are pleased to have notable keynote speaker, best-selling author, and salesman extraordinaire Todd Cohen with us to answer a few questions all business owners and community leaders have pondered at one point or another. 

Hopefully, by the time today’s show comes to an end, we will all be motivated to get out there and start selling.

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Sales!

During this incredible episode, Todd answers some of the common questions professionals have when it comes to sales and, in the process, will explain how to become a great salesperson.

  • Why is it so scary to sell something?
  • Is it possible to get better at sales?
  • Why don’t people like to say they are “in sales”?
  • How anyone can sell effectively and successfully?
  • How can you get over the fear of sales?

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Want More Sales Tips From Todd?

If you would like to learn more about sales from Todd, you’re in luck! He has a ton of great resources. Here are a few:

Doug Houser Interviews Todd Cohen | unsuitable on Rea Radio | Ohio CPA Firm

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