Episode 279: Benefits In The Workplace

Karen Sating | Employee Benefits | Ohio CPA Firm | HR Resources

Meet Karen

As a human resources manager serving Rea & Associates from Rea's Cleveland office, Karen Sating supports the firm's Northeast and East Central regions in the areas of general HR consulting, recruitment, and retention strategies. Karen is a strategic business partner and is focused on driving high performance throughout the firm through the promotion of people, culture, HR excellence, and process improvement. Click here to learn more about Karen.

Karen Sating | HR Recruiting & Retention Professional | Ohio CPA Firm

Finding The Right Employee Benefits Mix For Your Business

These days, work is no longer defined by showing up at 8, punching a clock, doing your job, and getting outta there at 5. Employees are increasingly shaping the workforce and they are demanding a business environment that prioritizes health, well-being, psychological safety, flexible work options, DEI, and more. Employee Benefits are the key to your company’s future recruitment and retention strategy.

Karen Sating, a leader on Rea’s HR team shares what Rea is doing to shape the work-place environment and reinforce a “people-first” culture. Perhaps our conversation today will provide you with some ideas about how to take your own organization to that next level – particularly as you continue to compete for top talent.

Discover how you can give your employee benefits strategy a boost and edge out competitors for top talent when you promote an employee-first culture. Karen touches on her many years of professional experience and what has been working for Rea & Associates, a top 100 CPA Firm, especially since the COVID pandemic emerged on the scene.

Employee Benefits Tips From An HR Expert

  • How to create flexible work options
  • Ways to prioritize health, well-being, and psychological safety
  • Handling talent acquisition, development, and retention remotely

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