Episode 278: When Businesses & Nonprofits Work Together, Everybody Wins

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Meet Travis

Travis Gulling serves as the executive director of the Central Ohio Chapter of A Kid Again, where he works to serve families that are raising children who are living with life-threatening illnesses. The organization provides cost-free, fun-filled destination events throughout the year with the help of local donors. A professional fundraiser, campaign planner, and philanthropist, Travis is committed to helping local families overcome their challenges - if only for a moment. 

Meet Rick

Rick Ricart, a highly motivated and experienced "car guy," serves as the president of the family-owned business, Ricart Automotive Group. Since 2017, he has also served as a board member for A Kid Again. Rick is passionate about giving back to the community and works with Travis to deliver hope and adventures to local families. 

Travis Gulling & Rick Ricart | A Kid Again | Ohio Business Podcast

How Working Together Can Drive Growth In Businesses & Nonprofits

A Kid Again has been serving local families for 25 years. Find out how Travis Gulling, the organizations executive director, and Rick Rcart, president of Ricart Automotive Group, have proven that success happens when businesses & nonprofits work together.

Relationships are the cornerstone of any good organization and initiative. What we’ve learned over the years is that the stronger the relationship, the more success you are likely to achieve. There are many ways to drive the bottom line among for-profit businesses & nonprofits. But, perhaps, our favorite is when the two entities work together for the greater good of our communities.

When it comes to the topic of relationships, there are so many avenues we could take. In this episode of unsuitable, we are going to take a look at the incredible relationship that has formed between Travis Gulling, executive director of “A Kid Again,” and Rick Ricart, president of Ricart Automotive Group, and how working together has helped fill the lives of area children, all of whom are battling life-threatening illnesses, with adventure.

What You’ll Hear

  • What “A Kid Again” is and how the nonprofit organization provides for families.
  • How Travis’ organization had to pivot during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Why Rick got involved in “A Kid Again” and how you can get involved too.

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Doug Houser Interviews Rick Ricart & Travis Gulling | unsuitable on Rea Radio | Ohio Business Podcast

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