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Episode 256: Audit Nightmares: The Keys To Success Or Failure

How To Avoid An Audit Nightmare | unsuitable on Rea Radio | Ohio Business Podcast

Meet Michaela

Michaela McGinn, CPA, a principal and director of Rea & Associates' assurance services team, is responsible for overseeing a variety of initiatives within the segment. As a mother and a Rea employee, she says she is encouraged to never stop learning, which she loves. Areas of expertise Michaela can talk about (even in her sleep) includes project management, substantive analytic review, networking, purchase accounting, and auditor judgment. Click here to learn more about Michaela.

Business Audit Horror Stories | Michaela McGinn | Rea & Associates | Ohio Business Podcast

How To Survive An Audit And Other Scary Tales

There is nothing scarier than a tax audit gone wrong to haunt your dreams. Knowing the keys to success or failure may save you time, money, and an audit nightmare.

Michaela McGinn, Principal and Director of Assurance Services at Rea & Associates, is here to share a few best practices to help you prevent a tax audit horror story.

What You’ll Hear

  • Collaboration pros and cons
  • Filling the communication gap
  • Effective project management

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Doug Houser Interviews Michaela McGinn | Audit Horror Stories | Ohio Business Podcast

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