Internal Control Studies

Do you have the structure in place to prevent and detect fraud while promoting accountability throughout your organization? An internal control study can help you identify your weaknesses so you can confidently manage the establishments you were entrusted to serve. The end goal? Reducing risk.

First, we’ll look at all of your collection points – anywhere money is coming in. Then, after talking to the people who collect the money, we’ll give feedback on where you can strengthen your internal controls.

Internal control training is available, as well. We can educate your team and your governing body about internal control best practices, empowering them to look out for your entity’s best interests.

You need an internal control study if you:

  • Don’t have an internal audit department
  • Have several buildings
  • Have many collection points
  • Collect a lot of cash
  • Have adult education departments, or collect cash after business hours
  • Have had a management comment on your audit about internal control weaknesses
  • Recently implemented a point of sale system

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