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Audit Plus
Do you consider your audits to be a valuable source of information? Are you able to use the reports generated from your internal or external audits as resources to help manage controlled growth while promoting transparency and accountability among the general public? If not then you aren’t fully accessing the power of your audit.

More than a compliance mechanism, Audit Plus empowers your government entity with the tools you need to maximize its role in your community. Through Audit Plus, you’ll receive  correct, relevant, technical guidance that not only helps you meet your reporting obligations, but enables you to readily interpret your financial statements and use the valuable insight therein to improve your operations and efficiencies.

Included with Audit Plus is an IT Risk Assessment, which reviews your IT Infrastructure, devices and practices and identifies associated risks and weaknesses.

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GAAP Conversion
If your financial statements are required to comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), make sure they do. To ease the burden on your fiscal officers and auditors, while promoting significant long-term cost savings, your CPA firm should provide consistent, accurate and compliant financial accounting information – every time. When you work with Rea & Associates, you’re working with a team of bright professionals who excel in providing our clients with GAAP-compliant accounting information easily and efficiently.

The same holds true for financial statements due to the Government Accounting Standards Board.

The accountants and consultants at Rea & Associates have established a strong track record of expertly converting a variety of financial statements for specialized purposes, ensuring that our clients remain compliant in all their reporting activity.

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