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New Dentist Consultations / Buying A Dental Practice

As somebody who is just out of dental school, the prospects of setting out on your own and opening up a new practice probably seems daunting. After all, you’ve just racked up a mountain of debt putting yourself through school. Now you’re expected to add to it by purchasing a practice?! No, we’re not crazy – and neither are you. We’ve worked with countless new dentists over the years and they were all thinking along those same lines. Today, they are debt-free and secure in their careers. The secret is to put together a team that can help you find the success you seek. From helping you navigate the sale to reviewing your purchase agreement, we’ve got you covered.

As a new dentist, you might also be interested to learn more about our other new dentist consultation services, including:

    • Dental career planning
    • Dental financial planning
    • Bookkeeping & QuickBooks® assistance
    • Tax compliance & preparation
    • Tax planning
    • Compensation structure design
    • Practice benchmarking
    • Practice acquisitions

In the meantime, download The Business Side Of Dentistry, a free e-book to help young dentists discover what they never taught you in dental school, including:

    • Who to include on your business team.
    • Considerations for buying a dental practice
    • How to decide on insurance plans
    • How to transition into your dental practice
    • The business cycle of a typical dental practice.

Download The Business Side Of Dentistry eBook

Our team of dental industry professionals is uniquely qualified to help you take your dental practice to a whole new level. Contact us to speak with a member of our team.