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Financial Checkup for Dental Practice Owners

You already know how important it is for your patients to have regular checkups, so why should your business be any different. A financial checkup provides you with the insight needed to identify and correct little problems before they become major pains that must be extracted. During your annual financial checkup, you will have a chance to look at where you’ve been while planning out where you’re going.

Financial checkup services include:

  • A comprehensive review of your practice’s current financial statements and comparison to industry benchmarks.
  • Identifying strategies that will help manage tax developments while preparing for major purchasing objectives.
  • A thorough discussion of your personal and business goals for the year ahead and the development of an action plan to help drive results.
  • Profit estimation, planning and maximization.
  • Estate planning and review.
  • Insurance review.
  • Identifying and addressing challenges and opportunities related to your practices procedures, office policies and personnel issues.

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