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International Tax

If your business is expanding into the international arena, you’re also expanding into new tax jurisdictions with foreign rules, regulations and requirements. Even though you might not understand these rules, it’s still your responsibility to follow them – or face fines and penalties. If you lack the expertise to properly comply with international tax laws, it might be time to contact international tax professionals who can guide you through the international tax planning, preparation, and compliance process.

Inbound International Tax Services

Foreign-owned companies expanding into the United States are faced with a myriad of issues. From converting to U.S. GAAP to tax compliance on federal, state and local levels, the American tax system can feel overwhelming. But, you don’t have to face them alone. Rea’s international tax services group helps foreign-owned companies with tax planning, preparation and consulting. We’ll help you navigate the waters of the U.S. tax system, mitigating risk and saving taxes.

Outbound International Tax Services

American companies that are doing business internationally often find their tax issues becoming infinitely more complex. If your businesses is exporting or expanding to another country, you’ll find yourself dealing with a foreign tax system for the first time and will have lots of questions. What are these new rules? How do they apply to my business? Am I paying the same taxes twice? You need experienced professionals to help you answer those questions, who understand international taxation and can help you develop a plan that mitigates the risks and costs of doing business internationally.

International Experience

International tax services require global experience. Rea & Associates is an independent firm associated with BDO Alliance, an international network of accounting firms with more than 26,000 people and 600 offices across the globe. Leveraging the resources of this network, Rea offers an international tax team with expertise in multi-jurisdictional tax matters and multi-national operations.

Contact our Business Tax Professionals

Rea’s tax services team brings together a group of experienced financial professionals who understand the tax needs of businesses. For more information on any of our business tax services, contact our tax professionals or Chris Axene, our international tax guru.