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When it comes to your business, employees are the key ingredient to your success. Without your workforce, your dreams, ideas and creations would never become a reality. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you have the correct payroll procedures in place to ensure that you can always take care of them. But what if you can’t find a payroll solution that works for your unique business?

Taking control of your business and understanding your numbers is what all business owners strive for. Keeping costs low for administrative functions so that more capital can be infused into your business is another driving force. Sometimes there are software limitations that cause you to go outside your business for help. With QuickBooks, one of those limitations is that in order to use its payroll function, the internet is a requirement. When limited by internet functionality, business owners are left with two choices  ̶  outsourced payroll or manual calculations. Both options can be costly with either additional processing fees or incorrect calculations.

Reminder: If you are using QuickBooks 2015 for your payroll, make sure to upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks by May 31, 2018. After that date, payroll will no longer be supported

Get To Know Payroll Mate

One solution we offer our clients is Payroll Mate, a product by Real Business Solutions.

Payroll Mate is a low-cost software solution that gives employers better control over their payroll activities. The best feature of this software is that with two clicks, you can export the information from Payroll Mate and import it to other software such as QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree, Quicken, Microsoft Accounting and more.

Payroll Mate automatically calculates all payroll functions, including:

  • Employee’s net check
  • Social Security and Medicare taxes Federal withholdings
  • State and local withholdings
  • Sick and vacation time tracking
  • Medical benefits
  • Retirement plan deductions
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Any other specific deductions to your business

Additionally, you are able to print checks directly from Payroll Mate and give employees a check with a payroll stub that includes current and year-to-date information. This gives your employees a better view of their year-to-date earnings without having to ask you for that information. For businesses that have internet access, Payroll Mate does offer a direct deposit option for employees.

In addition to your normal payroll responsibilities, Payroll Mate includes multiple reports that help with the preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly filings. Furthermore, the software supports Federal Forms 941 and 940, which are automatically generated from your payroll information. An additional add-on that Payroll Mate offers is the use of W-2 Mate®, which prepares and prints end-of-year W-2 information.

The combination of Payroll Mate and QuickBooks empowers business owners by providing them with confidence and reliability in their payroll numbers. It allows a quicker processing time for administrative staff, and gives employees quicker access to their payroll information. By working with Logivision, an IT company in Winesburg, Ohio, to install the software and offer IT support, we are helping clients take back control of a very important part of their business. To learn more about this software and the benefits that may apply to you, please give me a call.

By Matt Long (Wooster office)

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