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If You Manage The Front Door, We’ll Handle The Back Office

When your business is open to the public, focus your energy on serving customers and let Rea & Associates' client advisory and accounting services team handle your back office responsibilities. - Rea & Associates - Ohio Consulting Firm

What To Do ‘When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know’ About Your Business’s Back Office

When you decided to open your business and share your ideas, products, and services with the world, did you anticipate what the real day-to-day would look like, or were you caught up in the excitement and passion of serving customers, marketing your business, and making lots (and lots) of money? Over the years, we’ve worked with our fair share of entrepreneurs who didn’t truly understand the scope of responsibilities that come with business ownership. From managing payroll and paying taxes to make sure the right posters are hanging on the wall to protect your organization and employees from harm and liability – managing the back office isn’t always fun, but it is necessary.

Oftentimes, soon after cutting the ribbon your “Grand Opening” celebration, reality sets in and, all of a sudden, you’re spending more time juggling numbers in the back office than you had originally planned. If this sounds like something you are dealing with, I have some good news for you – it doesn’t have to be this way.

These days, business professionals like yourself can tap into the expertise necessary to manage your company’s back-office function without spending the time and money necessary to bring in a full-time accountant, payroll clerk, or even a CFO. What’s more, you can rest easy knowing that the person you’re tasking with your back-office data, and ultimately the financial wellness of your entire enterprise, is well-trained, credentialed, and trustworthy.

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Outsource Your Accounting Needs For Growth

A client accounting and advisory specialist is a key resource for small- to mid-sized businesses that are struggling to “do it all.” They understand that you are in the business to make money today while planning for long-term growth, but they also understand that you didn’t enter into business ownership with a degree in accounting, human resources, or even cybersecurity and data protection. Yet – these continue to be key areas of importance for all businesses regardless of your background and, unfortunately, smaller organizations are at a disadvantage because they can’t always pay a team of employees to do what needs to be done.

Client advisory services focuses specifically on the back office of your organization and, thanks to ongoing advancements in technology, the ease of cloud-based software, and peace-of-mind knowing that there are a team of remote accounting experts at the helm, businesses can now rest assured knowing that their bookkeeping, accounting and controller services are in good hands. Plus, because your team of accounting services professionals are dedicated to identifying trends and opportunities for business growth, you can count on them to work with you as you drive key objectives over the finish line.

Works Well With Others

Businesses with in-house accountants can also benefit when they bring accounting and advisory service specialists into the team. When you have an employee working in the trenches of your organization, they do gain excellent insight into areas of growth and opportunity that you may be missing. Furthermore, their insight can catapult the benefit of deploying outsourced accounting services to a whole new level, while freeing up their time to help with big-picture items.

If you would like to learn more about the many ways a CAS team can benefit your organization, visit our webpage. Additionally, you can reach out to Matt Long, CPA, MT, director of Rea’s client advisory services team at 234.249.3468 or to find out how CAS can address your business’s specific challenges.

By Matt Long, CPA, MT (Wooster office)

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