episode 66 – the power of philanthropy through a passion so personal

Ben Antonelli | Nonprofit Board Responsibilities | Ohio Business Podcast
Nonprofit organizations are always looking for passionate men and women to help them further their mission. Find out how you can get involved. Listen to this week’s episode with Ben Antonelli, a principal on Rea’s nonprofit team, to learn more.

Richard Rea, founder of Rea & Associates, believed his employees should be involved in their communities – which is why the mantra, “invest in your family, your community and your future,” became one of the firm’s operating philosophies. This week’s episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio, “the power of philanthropy through a passion so personal,” features Ben Antonelli, CPA, a principal on Rea’s nonprofit team, who talks about the critical role of volunteers and their ability to shape an organization’s future as a board member.

Your nonprofit involvement begins and ends with an individual’s passion. From identifying organizations that directly align with you on a personal and professional level by utilizing tools like http://www.volunteermatch.org, to taking your nonprofit investment to the next level and pursuing a leadership position, the opportunities to get involved are only limited by your imagination.

But that doesn’t mean you should always play it safe with regard to the roles you accept. Joining a nonprofit’s board of directors is a great opportunity to continue to develop and expand your skillset. That means, for example, if you are a CPA, leave the position of treasurer to somebody else! Instead, consider accepting a role outside of your wheelhouse.

Nonprofit organizations are always looking for passionate men and women to help them further their mission and to help set a course toward future success. You can help – particularly if you are ready to assume a leadership position within your desired not-for-profit. Just be aware that, when serving in a leadership capacity, there are several important considerations to make, including:

  • The expectations of a board member
  • Time commitments, financial commitments, etc.
  • Whether the organization has sound financial practices
  • Whether you are legally protected while serving as a board member
    • Be aware of any indemnification clauses and consider Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance.

At the end of the day, remember that as a board member, you have a fiduciary responsibility to the organization you have committed to serve. And that is a commitment that must be taken seriously at all times.

There are a variety of resources available to help board members excel in their roles. Reach out to Rea & Associates to learn more or to find out additional ways to optimize your nonprofit’s finances, processes and initiatives. You are also welcome to reach out to Ben directly at ben.antonelli@reacpa.com.

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