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episode 31: bet on your business by scoring your success

How you define success in your business is greatly influenced by your organization’s unique objectives, finances, project initiatives, culture, values and ongoing employee education. But on episode 31 of unsuitable on Rea Radio, Jeremy Senften, CPA, CGMA, Rea & Associates’ chief operating officer, encourages you to “bet on your business by scoring your success.”

This week, listeners will get a glimpse into the importance of measuring success by leading and lagging indicators – don’t worry, there will be examples. Jeremy and Mark also discuss the benefits of communicating your business’s progress with targeted team members in your organization, which helps facilitate greater buy-in – motivating them to want to do more to contribute toward a specific outcome and overarching strategic plan. Additionally, Jeremy talks about the benefit of tracking the organization’s success in a variety of ways, such as by department, and then share the weekly/daily results with your team to determine what they can do to help influence the results.

Want to start driving measurable success in your company? First, define what makes yours a successful business. Then identify who can help you achieve your goals and drive greater success. Finally, maintain flexibility throughout the process – plan for change. Need more tips and insight? Start listening to this episode now and start learning from the pros.

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