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episode 30: don’t just hire; build leaders for a lifetime

This week on unsuitable on Rea Radio we learn why business leaders should approach recruitment and staff development from a whole new perspective if they want to harness and optimize their company’s most valuable asset – people. On episode 30, Don’t Just Make A Hire, Build Leaders For A Lifetime, Annie Yoder, a principal with Rea & Associates, and Don McIntosh, retired, talk about why adopting a leadership development strategy is important to the overall success and sustainability of a business’s success these days.

As leaders of The Rea Academy, Annie and Don speak about the importance of a structured training and development program for proper leadership cultivation from first-hand experience. Beyond compliance and technical skills, the duo emphasizes the importance of “raising up leaders” who contribute and create opportunities for the future.

The first step, of course, comes in the form of a business’s recruitment strategy and the plan to retain top talent. Listeners are warned that insufficient training of a business’s employees will ultimately lead to a bankrupt culture and high turnover. Instead, you are encouraged to devise a structured training strategy specifically designed to fit your company’s unique sets of personnel, while working to incorporate the development of both technical and soft skills.

While developing a leadership strategy for your company may seem daunting, Annie and Don provide listeners with some insight into how you can get started to make your unique journey a little easier and what can be done to promote continued buy-in throughout your organization while improving the overall quality of the business, increase profitability and stabilize employee retention. Start listening now!

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