Episode 268: Information Technology To-Do’s To Grow Your Organization

Chief Information Officer | Darrell Williams | Ohio CPA Firm

Meet Darrell

A problem-solver, strategist, and visionary, Darrel is often sought after for his expertise in public accounting technology, Lean Six Sigma in the accounting industry, cybersecurity and IT risk management, and cloud strategy.

Darrell Williams | IT Safety | Ohio Business Podcast

Chief Information Officer Weighs In On Information Safety

Keeping your organization’s information and computer systems safe can be tricky, but assessing current processes and recommending new and innovative software could put you on the right path to grow your organization.

Darrell Williams joins unsuitable to talk about a few IT initiatives Rea is doing to ensure information safety.

What You’ll Hear

  • How IT enhances remote experiences to create better relations between people at a firm
  • How to create one firm out of 15 offices
  • Changes in the IT world in 2021

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Doug Houser Interviews CIO | Darrell Williams | Ohio Business Podcast

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