episode 20: girls & glass ceilings – the gender gap

Lesley Mast | The Gender Gap | Ohio Accounting Podcast
Lesley Mast, CPA, principal and director of tax services at Rea & Associates, talks to Mark about society’s gender gap and women in leadership roles on episode 20 of unsuitable on Rea Radio.

Lesley Mast, CPA, principal and director of tax services at Rea & Associates, joins Mark on episode 20 of unsuitable on Rea Radio to discuss society’s gender gap – specifically in the workforce. Throughout this dynamic conversation Lesley shares the progression of her own professional career path and talks about what it’s like to be a member of Rea’s Leadership Team. She also talks about the unique perspective women bring to business and problem–solving while emphasizing the importance of voice, contribution and participation, regardless of gender. Lesley points to the value of trust, and confidence in the workplace as key pillars to bridging the gender gap. Notably in this episode, Lesley discusses her internal struggle to find the delicate balance between passivity and aggression regarding roles in the business world. Lastly, the episode stresses the simple act of “speaking out” and “speaking up,” by encouraging conversations, while promoting the need to encourage more women to aspire to leadership roles.

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The women who help lead Rea & Associates are sought-after leaders in their respective industries. From helping protect clients from fraud to promoting financial literacy and improved accounting techniques, the individuals and business owners we work with daily greatly benefit from the unique skills, experience and expertise these women bring to the firm. Keep scrolling to read some great thought leadership articles written by some of our firm’s women leaders.

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The 2016 Tax Season Is In Full Swing, Are You Ready? – This year, don’t let the hunt for tax forms, pay stubs and receipts stress you out. Instead, take a few minutes to brush up on some of our best tax season tips and avoid becoming a victim of the last-minute filing chaos that ultimately ensues in April. Read on and discover what you can do to maximize your tax planning strategy.

Employers: Are You Ready To Change The Way You Withhold Municipal Tax Payments? – Ready or not, all Ohio municipalities will be welcoming a slew of new provisions designed to bring about a unified system of income tax reporting. House Bill 5 was signed into law by Gov. Kasich on Dec. 19, 2014. The bill, which was championed by the Ohio Society of CPAs and supporters, helped streamline several key measures that help establish meaningful municipal tax reform. Per the legislation, many key provisions are scheduled to take effect at the first of the year. Read on to learn four facts about the changes that you need to become familiar with.

The Plight Of The Snowbird – Sure, it’s easy to say that you would like to pack up and head for a warmer climate during a seemingly endless freeze, but once the icicles melt and the flowers bloom, you begin to remember why you’ve stayed around for so long in the first place. Maybe the fact that your family and friends still call Ohio home is enough to convince you to stay put. Or perhaps its memories of your own childhood that are keeping you tethered to the state. Either way, now that it’s summer – the need doesn’t seem so intense anymore … that is, unless you are considering taking advantage of possible tax savings. Read on to learn more.

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Do You Play By The (Capital Asset) Rules? – Do you have assets that continue to be used well beyond a single reporting period, such as land, land improvements, buildings, furniture and equipment, infrastructure and construction in progress? Then you have capital assets and special reporting requirements. Read on to learn more.

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Are Your Employees Skimming From The Top? – Segregation of duties is essential when it comes to protecting your business against fraud. Read on for some tips to help you protect your business from employee theft or dishonest activity.

Join The Fight Against Identity Theft & Income Tax Fraud – Income tax identity theft and refund fraud has become a huge problem over the last few years; and while billions of dollars are finding their way into the pockets of fraudsters, the IRS is working hard to shut down these schemes. Read on to find out what is being done to protect taxpayers from identity theft and income tax fraud.

Ohio’s Identity Theft Quiz Returns – With Modifications – Last year, Ohio’s Department of Taxation rolled out the Identification Confirmation Quiz, which required many Ohioans to prove their identities before receiving a refund. Needless to say, there were more than a few unhappy campers. However, despite its shortcomings, the quiz did what it was supposed to do – helped thwart tax fraud, which is why the Ohio tax quiz will make another appearance in 2016. Read on

Is It A Charity Or A Scam? – Remember when writing a check to a charity left you with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment? Unfortunately that feeling has been replaced with vulnerability and uncertainty as soliciting for fake charities has become a common way for scammers to prey on the generosity of strangers. Before you tear that check from your checkbook, take another look at the “Pay to the Order Of” line. That person who just spent the last 15 minutes explaining why your donation is critical to their organization might have less-than-admirable intentions. Read on to learn more.

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Three College Savings Account Tips You Can’t Afford To Ignore – You have scrimped and saved over the years to fund your child’s Coverdell Education Savings Account and/or qualified tuition program (529 plan), but it looks like you still won’t have enough saved in time to finance the entire cost of a college education. What do you do? Read on for a better savings strategy.

Dos and Don’t of Gifting & Donations – Is it just me, or can you feel the magic in the air this time of year? Even though the days are colder and the nights are longer, the holidays seem to bring out the best of humanity; and, having worked with many not-for-profit organizations over the course of my career, I have the pleasure of seeing some of the best of humanity first hand. Read on to discover some of the do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind when writing your check to charity.

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Retirement Roulette – It’s difficult to paint a picture that adequately portrays the retirement readiness of the American people. How prepared the average person is for this phase of their life greatly depends on which report you are reading today. As a whole, however, credible sources indicate that as a population we are simply not prepared to take on the financial responsibility of supporting ourselves later in life, which is a problem that has received a lot of attention from our nation’s leaders. Read on to learn more.

Like Losing Your Wallet – Only Worse – For most of us, misplacing our keys, losing sight of our shoes and occasionally forgetting to pay the phone bill on time is not a catastrophic phenomenon. It happens; and most likely we will freak out for a minute, find what we were looking for and move on – only to repeat our dysfunctional routine countless times over the course of a lifetime. Forgetting to file your retirement plan returns on the other hand … well, let’s just say that’s typically not a stress-free event. Read on to find out more.

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Five Reasons To Fall In Love With Your Financial Advisor – While your financial advisor is probably the last person you are thinking about this Valentine’s Day, you may want to reconsider. Read on to find out why.

Anything Can Happen In Cleveland – “There’s always next year …” Since 1999 that phrase has been uttered so many times in reference to the Cleveland Browns it should have been declared Ohio’s state motto. Well, it’s now 2016 and it looks as though next year might finally be THE year. Why am I so optimistic? Because the day after the Browns cleaned house, the franchise announced who would step in as the new Chief Strategy Officer to help rebuild the team – Paul DePodesta! Read on to learn more.

How To Donate Like A Billionaire – Have you ever wondered where charitable organizations find the money they need to operate? While it may be logical to look at local businesses and big box stores as the source for these funds, you would be wrong in assuming that these entities are the main source of funding for not-for-profit organizations. Read on to learn more.


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