There is a misconception among many people that Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are only necessary for corporations, as well as individuals with an enormous income and many assets. While it is certainly true that CPAs can provide assistance in such situations, the fact is that they can help individuals and businesses with much more modest incomes as well. CPAs are equipped to help a wide range of people, with a wide range of incomes and financial situations. If you are looking for some financial help, but are not quite sure what a CPA does, read further. This article will explain some of the many benefits of hiring a CPA.

Planning For Your Retirement

One big reason that people hire CPAs is for the retirement plan services that CPAs are able to provide. You might have a grand vision for your retirement – a house on the beach, or a little cottage in the mountains – but have no idea what financial steps you should take to make that dream a reality. This is where a CPA comes in handy! A CPA can help you manage the money that you are saving for retirement. A CPA will help you pick the plan that best meets your retirement needs, whether it be an IRA or a 401K, or one of several other retirement plans. A CPA can also provide advice on Medicare and social security. If you are a business owner, even a small business owner, a CPA can help you manage the plan that you provide to your employees. The CPA you work with can help you find a retirement plan provider, help you with plan benefit audits, and assist with recordkeeping and compliance issues.

Tax Time

If you ask just about any CPA, they will tell you that their business tends to skyrocket around tax time. This does not mean that you should wait until March or April to contact one though! Whether you are filing business or personal taxes, a CPA can work with you throughout the year, so that you can stay ahead of the game on your taxes. There are many essential tax services that CPAs provide: they can help you maximize your tax credits, so that more money stays in your pocket; they can assist you with record keeping and audit preparation, so that you never feel like you are “in the hot seat”; and they can help you allocate your funds for federal, state, and local taxes. While tax time is probably not your favorite time of year, it is much less stressful when you work with a CPA!

Estate Planning

Ohio estate planning

You have worked hard to provide for yourself and your family, and you need to know that your hard-earned wealth and assets will be securely handled and successfully transferred after you have passed away. A CPA can give you this peace of mind. Working with a CPA will not only grow your wealth, it will ensure that it is protected as well. Estate planning is a complex issue, fraught with all kinds of red tape, but a CPA will be able to guide you through the process, so that your wealth will stay intact.