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Credits & Incentives

Uncover The Benefits Your Business Deserves

Federal, state and local governments offer tax credits & incentives to businesses to help spur economic growth. But, they're not great about telling you which tax credits and incentives you qualify for … you have to take the initiative to seek out and claim what's yours. Without a tax professional to help you navigate the tax code and related economic policy, you might be missing out on valuable credits & incentives.

Want to make sure you're getting what you’ve earned? Rea's state & local tax team can do the work for you. Maybe you can get tax credits for the work you're already doing. Or, maybe you're close to qualifying and just need a plan to successfully obtain them. Together, we can help you lower your tax burden and keep more money in your business, so you can keep hiring, growing and driving economic growth.

Rea's dedicated state and local tax team brings together a group of experienced financial professionals who deeply understand the unique tax needs of businesses like yours. Because our team of professionals are devoted to staying on top of state and local tax issues, you can be sure that you will catch valuable credits and incentives when they become available. Contact our team today to learn more.