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Audit Defense

Are You Prepared For An Audit?

Being audited by a state’s department of taxation can be time-consuming, costly and just a burden on your business. The reality is, however, thousands of businesses will get audited every year for various tax concerns such as sales tax, use tax or the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT), and yours could be one of them. Even with proper tax preparation and planning, your auditor must be convinced to accept the treatment you applied to your purchases, sales or income.

If your business is selected for an audit, don't go through it alone. Rea’s SALT team has professionals have experience in defending these types of audits nationwide. Additionally, Rea’s team of SALT pros can step in and assist at any point during the audit process, including when you initially receive the audit notice, which is the very best time to get us involved! We will work to reduce the department’s audit finds, resulting in minimal liabilities for your business.

Haven’t been audited yet?

Are you worried about the possibility of being audited by states in which you currently do business? You might consider an audit preparedness review, often called a mock audit. Just like you might hire a security firm to test your system for vulnerabilities (Rea Secure Check does this!) you might consider doing the same to determine your state and local tax liabilities. With right policy and procedure documents in place, an audit by a state doesn't have to be scary or costly. With our help, we will work to ensure that the auditor’s review less broad, less intensive and less costly.