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Clear Choice | Retirement Plan Advisor Advice | Ohio CPA FirmYour clients trust you and your judgment. You can’t afford to recommend a retirement plan team that doesn’t offer comprehensive services and exceptional client support.

For more than 80 years, Rea & Associates has been committed to accuracy, integrity and unparalleled client service. Our retirement plan administration team builds on this foundation and adds dedication to retirement plan best practices and services beyond what you would normally expect from other retirement plan specialists.

We can custom design a plan that works for your clients and their companies. Our team of retirement plan administrators help to ensure businesses are compliant by explaining all current regulations, responsibilities and fiduciary issues.

Our team has vast retirement plan design knowledge, and we handle all communication with clients and prospects as well as provide all plan illustrations allowing advisors to concentrate on the investments. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of all participants.

The professionals at Rea can be as involved as needed, which allows clients the flexibility and peace of mind they need.

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The following administrative services are available for your plan:

  • Plan documents. Prototypes and volume submitters available.
  • Participant recordkeeping.
  • Balance forward.
  • Daily valuation.
  • Participant enrollment.
  • Allocations.
  • Employer and employee contributions.
  • Plan earnings.
  • Forfeitures.
  • Distribution processing.
  • Maintain participant vested percentage records.
  • Calculation of distribution amount.
  • Loan processing (preparation of promissory note and amortization schedule).
  • Hardship withdrawal processing.
  • Preparation of required distribution notices and IRS Form 1099-R.
  • Necessary tax forms, including Form 5500.
  • Compliance testing.
  • Contribution deductibility calculations (§404).
  • Annual additions testing (§415).
  • Top-heavy testing (§416).
  • Coverage testing (§401(b) and 401(a)(4)).
  • ADP/ACP testing (applicable to 401(k) plans).
  • Required participant notices.
  • Safe harbor contribution.
  • Qualified Default Investment Arrangement.
  • Auto enrollment.
  • Summary annual report.

For additional information on our benefit plan administration services, please click here to contact us. A retirement plan specialist will respond to your inquiry shortly. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your business is unlike any other, so its retirement plan should be designed specifically for it and its needs. But is it? There are a number of variables you should consider when designing your benefit plan. These include:

  • Profitability of your business
  • Consistency of cash flow of your business
  • Ages of owners and employees
  • Compensation levels of owners and employees
  • Value of plan assets
  • Number of plan participants
  • The investment savvy of plan participants

Your plan should be flexible enough to react to changing economic circumstances. Using customizable plan documents, you'll have the flexibility to create a customized retirement plan design based on your unique needs.

For additional information on our benefit plan administration services, please click here to contact us. A retirement plan specialist will respond to your inquiry shortly. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rea’s retirement plan services team is one of Ohio’s top providers of fiduciary consulting services for business retirement plans. In order to help you adhere to your fiduciary responsibilities as a retirement plan sponsor, our team follows a prudent and well-organized process to ensure maximum transparency while minimizing your fiduciary risk. Click here to learn more about our services.

The CEFEX-ASPPA certification offers testament to the fact that we understand the importance of paying close attention to everything from high level strategies and policies all the way down to the details of our business practices. The CEFEX Mark signifies that our clients can be confident that we are worthy of their trust.

Read on to learn more about our CEFEX-ASPPA certification.

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Like you, we are committed to going above and beyond for our clients. Give Paul McEwan, CPA, MTax, AIFA, principal and director of retirement plan services, a call at 330.308.6827 to talk about how we can work together to drive greater value to the clients you serve.