Plan Design Services

Your business is unlike any other, so its retirement plan should be designed specifically for it and its needs. But is it?

Comprehensive Plan Design

There are a number of variables you should consider when designing your benefit plan. These include:

  • Profitability of your business
  • Consistency of cash flow of your business
  • Ages of owners and employees
  • Compensation levels of owners and employees
  • Value of plan assets
  • Number of plan participants
  • The investment savvy of plan participants

Your plan should be flexible enough to react to changing economic circumstances. Using customizable plan documents, you'll have the flexibility to create a customized retirement plan design based on your unique needs.
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If you are seeking a benefit plan design that is flexible enough to meet your needs, then now is the time to contact Rea & Associates. For additional information on our benefit plan design process, please contact us at 330-339-6651, or click here to email us. In a brief conversation, we can review your plan needs and identify the best structure for you.