The Perfect Time To Gift A Business To The Next Generation

President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 into law on Dec. 22, 2017, triggering discussions about the various income tax implications, but little is being said about how this legislation will impact succession planning for business owners. Read on to find out more.

GOP Tax Bills Take Aim At Estate Tax

House Republicans have finally gone public with their long-awaited plan for tax reform and the Senate has their version. Included in the House document are plans to kill the estate tax. Read on to find out.

Programs Geared Toward Manufacturers Revealed

Finding ways to improve your business and stay competitive while saving money is a rare thing in today’s manufacturing world. But luckily, we have two programs to share that’ll do just that! Read on to learn more.

Grow The Value of Your Business

This is the first part in a series about things business owners should do to take control of their futures. There are plenty of things we can’t control: the economy, interest rates, what our competitors do and the behavior of our employees. But, as a business owner, your business’s fate is in your hands. If … Continued

Building a Business is About Building Value

Why did you go into business for yourself? Was it to provide for your family? To do something you love? To control your own destiny? Those are probably all true to an extent; but more than anything, you should be in business to increase its value. Business owners typically have 50 to 70 percent of … Continued

Gifting a Business Interest?

Lately we’ve been surprised by how many people are thinking about filing a gift tax return without a business valuation. We’ve had a few conversations with people who are under the impression that they don’t need to attach a valuation of their business interest to the gift tax return. Before you file your return without … Continued

Frequently Asked Questions About Rea’s Client Portal

Rea & Associates unveiled its redesigned client portal. Clients who are already using the portal have given very positive feedback to the changes, noting that its user friendly design allows them to access the information they need whenever they need it. If you’re not using it yet, perhaps your questions are among our frequently asked … Continued