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Changes Coming For The Ohio Business Gateway

Gateway Modernization Website Project Brings Updates to User-Interface

Change is a comin’ to Ohio business owners as it relates to how they file their own commercial activity taxes (CAT), sales and use or employee withholding taxes. The Ohio Business Gateway (OBG) is undergoing some changes.

The OBG is the tool that helps businesses transact with the State. With that, it’s important for its services to be updated and in top form. To make the system more reliable and user-friendly, The Gateway Modernization Project has completed tests and studied feedback to make conducting business in Ohio much more efficient.

Gateway System Outage This Weekend

The Ohio Business Gateway website has a planned system outage scheduled for this coming weekend, so if you planned or need to access the site, be sure to complete any in-progress filings prior to this weekend. Any incomplete transactions will not be transferred through the outage.

According to the Ohio Business Gateway, the outage will begin at 6 p.m. EST tomorrow, Friday, May 18, and end at 7 a.m. EST on Monday, May 21. For questions, please call the Gateway Help Desk at 866-OHIO-GOV.

Major Changes

One significant difference that site visitors will notice is that the entire main screen will be different and existing users will have to register for a new OH/ID the first time they log in with their existing user name and password.

Other major changes include:

  • Integration With OH|ID – The new Gateway system will streamline the way individuals interact with applications from the State of Ohio. OH|ID integration will allow people to access multiple applications with a single username and password. Additionally, OH|ID greatly improves the security of the Gateway and the applications associated with it.
  • Streamlined Filing Process – An updated filing process will remove the “checkout” stage for transactions that do not require payment before filing. With this change, users save time and make the filing status of these transactions easier to understand.
  • Expanded Help Resources – The help and case management system on the old system was a challenge to operate. With the update, the Gateway will have a new process that will make finding help on the Gateway quicker and more efficient to use. Assistance will be available on the Gateway 24/7 and content related to the user’s request will be presented automatically.

  • Improved Account Management For Service Providers – Service Providers with access to multiple business accounts on the old Gateway system will have those accounts automatically transferred to the new Gateway. The new Business Dashboard will give Service Providers the ability to search for accounts and request access more reliably. Users will no longer have to establish organizations as Service Providers in the new Gateway.

The overall goal of the Gateway Modernization Project is to make business activities in Ohio easier and more efficient while maintaining security. With the new Gateway, users can expect the changes outlined above but should be encouraged with the new direction of the OBG. These updates will bring more business and success by making the system more user-friendly and secure.

If you have any other questions once these changes are active, email Rea & Associates and we will provide you with expert assistance.