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Technology & Tax Scams: A Growing Problem

Technology continues to become a vital part of tax season as many individuals across the nation are encouraged to embrace these advancements when it comes to filing their taxes. However, tax time is the perfect opportunity for cyber criminals and scammers to manipulate technology to take advantage of individuals’ fears. With the substantial amount of personal information criminals can access from technological sources, their scams are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent. So, what are the various ways scammers can target you? What safety precautions should you be taking to avoid becoming a victim this tax season?

In this article published by the Cleveland Jewish News, it explains how tax scams are becoming more common with important takeaways such as this one:

“The hacker environment is evolving, and social engineering is becoming more and more prevalent in which the hackers are going after people’s information. They tend to gain more and more information about an individual online and with that, it enhances the tax scams they are able to pull off.”

Make sure to read this informative article online. In the article you will learn more about common tax scams and how to protect yourself, including:

  • How more sophisticated scams are coming about from the use of technology
  • What information criminals are using to scam taxpayers
  • Best practices to protect your sensitive information

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