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Plain & Simple | Winter 2023

Plain & Simple | Spring 2022

Bright Business Insights For Owners This Winter 2023

As you gear up for business in 2023, take a look at recent history to understand the changes and challenges businesses have faced: Inflation, supply chain interruptions and delays, rising interest rates, the threat of recession, and global instability. So how do we respond to the unknowns and prepare ourselves to be successful in a challenging environment? We wanted to highlight key business trends to consider for your business model.

What’s Inside The Winter 2023 Edition of Plain & Simple?

  • Take a Look at Your Retirement Plan | Fiduciary Responsibility and Ways to Get Employees Onboard
  • The Three Components of Information Security | Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
  • Managing Money in Manufacturing | Inventory and Cash Flow
  • Every Dollar Counts | Business Benefits of Cost Segregation
  • Hiring and Compensation Strategies into 2023

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