Plain & Simple | Spring 2022

Plain & Simple | Spring 2022

Bright Business Insights For Owners This Spring 2022

Reflecting on our previous issue of Plain & Simple, a lot of the issues people were dealing with last Fall still remain true, including labor shortages and supply chain issues. Only now we’ve also added inflation that hasn’t been seen in years, rising fuel and energy prices, and general uncertainty around global security and the global economy. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that in difficult and uncertain times we must lean on each other and work together. We encourage you to reach out to your trusted advisors and peer group when issues arise or if you just need the support of a listening ear. We consider it an honor to serve in that role for many of you and take that responsibility very seriously.

What’s Inside The Spring 2022 Edition of Plain & Simple?

  • Getting By With A Little Help From Your Friends | Stay Present in Your Business with the Help of Advisors
  • Estate Tax Exemption Will Fall | Now is The Time to Plan
  • Exit Readiness | A Perfect Storm Fuels Surge in M & A
  • Strategic Workplace Planning | How Your Compensation, Benefits, HR Policies & Employee Handbook Can Position You For Success
  • Would You Climb Mt. Everest Without a Sherpa? | Why you may need to seek assistance on key business situations you may never deal with more than once in a career

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