Plain & Simple | Fall 2021

Bright Business Insights For Owners This Fall 2021

Plain & Simple | Fall 2021 | Rea CPA

Despite all the successes of 2021, there are still so many unknowns as we head into the last couple of months of the year. Most people anticipate these supply chain disruptions well into the summer of 2022. As far as the employee issues, we have been talking about these for years, so we anticipate we will continue to face this challenge in one way or another for the foreseeable future. In this issue on Plain & Simple, we discuss how businesses can prepare for these challenges in the coming year.

What’s Inside The Fall 2021 Edition of Plain & Simple?

  • Tax Reform: The Status Quo and What Comes Next
  • Supply Chain Issue Considerations For The Future
  • Streamline Your Business: ERP Systems and You
  • The Great Employee Shortage
  • Recap of 2021 Manufacturing Day

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