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Is Your Retirement Plan Growing with Your Business?

Sponsoring and maintaining a retirement plan for a small business can seem daunting. Your retirement plan helps shape the financial futures of your hardworking employees, and there are many important decisions that you must make not only in the best interest of your business but of your employees as well.

Many small business owners offer SEP or SIMPLE IRA plans as their retirement savings program. One of these plans may be ideal for your business today, but as your business grows, additional retirement program flexibility can be a meaningful enhancement to the employee experience. For instance, a 401(k) plan offers higher contribution rates than SEP or SIMPLE IRAs and includes more options for managing costs and deductions and accessing funds penalty-free. Plus, a 401(k) solution may reduce your administrative burden, transfer certain risks, and reduce your overall plan cost.

Not all companies are eligible for SEP or SIMPLE IRA plans, as it depends on the number of employees. It is important to note, however, that you cannot offer a SEP or SIMPLE IRA plan in the same year as a 401(k), so if you are thinking of making the transition, now is the time.

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By Paul McEwan, CPA, MTax, AIFA (New Philadelphia, OH)