Forging Success: Flextur's Evolution with Rea & Associates

Forging Success: Flextur’s Evolution with Rea & Associates

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, Flextur stands out as a strategic partner, providing innovative solutions for the industry’s ever-evolving challenges. Flextur is a metal manufacturer with a product offering focused on industrial workflow solutions, that enable manufacturing plants to thrive. They also extend their expertise through contract manufacturing, serving as strategic partners for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), focusing not just on parts, but on comprehensive solutions.

The partnership between Flextur and Rea & Associates, built over the years, has been integral to their success. Mike Swartzentruber, controller at Flextur, took some time to discuss their journey in a recent interview:

“We here at Flextur are a metal manufacturer that likes to solve complex problems with simple solutions that work for the manufacturing industry,” Mike explains. “Our focus utilizes lean principles, 5S efficiency, and more to assist manufacturers in optimizing their operations.”

Flextur’s operations cover a broad spectrum, from producing their own products to manufacturing undercarriages for Amish buggies. “Back when we started with Rea, we were known as Pioneer Equipment. The relationship started before my time,” Mike shares. “The partnership has continued through various changes, including our company name changes.”

Navigating Change and Growth with Holistic Support

In an industry marked by constant shifts, Flextur found themselves adapting to changing markets, diversifying their product offerings, and experiencing significant growth. The need for a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system became apparent as their old systems struggled to keep up with their evolving demands. Rea stepped in, providing more than just a system implementation. They offered expertise, capacity, and the necessary support to ensure a smooth transition. Mike emphasized how Rea’s availability and experience were vital, allowing Flextur to focus on growing their business.

“We underwent significant changes due to shifts in markets and growth,” Mike notes. “Our old systems were unable to support these changes effectively, so we engaged Rea to help us implement a new ERP system. Rea provided the competency and capacity we needed to smoothly transition to the new system, enabling us to focus on our growth.”

One of the standout qualities of Rea is its ability to provide comprehensive support across various business segments. Flextur’s journey involved engaging Rea’s payroll, HR, MsIT and ERP teams.

“We engaged Rea across multiple segments of our business,” Mike acknowledges. “Their expertise in payroll, HR, and ERP was evident, but what stood out was that their experts had a deep understanding of our entire business. This holistic approach allowed them to provide effective solutions to our challenges.”

Flextur’s transition to the new ERP system brought tangible solutions. One of the most significant improvements was the centralization of data. In the past, multiple data silos created inefficiencies. With the new system, information was entered once and updated across the board, saving valuable time. Additionally, the ability to scan and automate processes streamlined operations and reporting, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

“Rea has been a guiding hand throughout our growth journey,” Mike emphasizes. “From ERP implementation to HR support, they’ve been there every step of the way. Their support isn’t just about providing services—it’s about understanding our goals and helping us navigate toward them.”

Thriving Amidst Constant Change

“Innovation and expansion are part of our DNA,” Mike shares. “We’re excited to introduce new products and concepts at an upcoming industry event in Chicago. Through it all, Rea’s partnership has been crucial to our success, allowing us to thrive amidst constant change.” 

Flextur’s partnership with Rea & Associates illustrates how holistic support, expert knowledge, and a shared commitment to growth can create a thriving business environment. Flextur’s journey highlights the importance of having a partner like Rea, one that stands ready to support not just today’s challenges, but also tomorrow’s innovations. 

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