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episode 90 – the logistics of change: how to successfully relocate or remodel your business

Mark McKinley | Office Relocation | Ohio Business Podcast
Mark McKinley joins Dave on this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio to talk about best practices related to office relocation and/or renovation. There are a lot of great insights in this episode. Listen Now!

Have you ever thought about moving your business from one location to another, what about remodeling your existing office space or warehouse?

As businesses grow and mergers and acquisitions take place, changes to a company’s structure must be accommodated. It’s only a matter of time before some business owners find themselves facing relocation or contemplating the logistics of a major change to their facility.

Mark McKinley, principal and CEO, joins us on this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio to share what he’s learned from managing two separate office relocation projects and a new office remodel project. Dave and Mark discuss some of the steps necessary for making these projects successful and how others can find success in their own relocation or remodeling projects as well.

Planning is Essential

At least 30 percent of relocation and remodeling projects are spent in the planning phase. If you spend enough time mapping out your journey before you start, then the trip will be easier and faster. During this phase, you will want to break the project into smaller chunks because trying to tackle the full scope of the project will be overwhelming.

If your business is growing, it’s never too early to start thinking about this process. This episode will help you understand…

  • Why you need to include, trust and delegate to people from every department, generation and level of your business throughout the relocation or remodeling process.
  • How your budget affects the process (and how to prevent the budget from limiting your team’s input).
  • How to build an office around every type of employee, including individuals who aren’t in the office every day.

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