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episode 84: get unstuck: breaking down the affinity bias culture in your business

Michaela McGinn | Affinity Bias | Ohio Business Podcast
Michaela McGinn joins Dave Cain on this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio to talk about affinity bias and what businesses can do to overcome this challenge in the workplace. Listen now!

Your comfort zone is holding you back … and you might not even know it.

While our comfort zones offer reassurance and stability, that’s the only benefit. If you’re not challenging yourself to try new things or meet new people, you’re never going to achieve the personal and professional growth you desire.

The unconscious preference you demonstrate toward things that are similar, familiar or comfortable is called affinity bias, and it’s notorious for holding back individuals and organizations alike. On today’s episode of unsuitable, Michaela McGinn, CPA, a principal and director of assurance services with Rea & Associates dives deeper into the definition of affinity bias while identifying how it can be managed to encourage personal and professional growth.

Affinity Bias is Human Nature – What You Do With It Makes the Difference

To successfully manage affinity bias, you must first be aware of it – how it helps and how it hurts. Michaela explains that we, people and organizations, need to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This episode is a source of value for individuals and businesses, alike. Be sure to tune in to learn more about affinity bias as well as how:

  • Unchecked affinity bias may be holding back your business and the people in it.
  • External affinity bias can impact your organization as well.
  • Reaching outside of your comfort zone promotes growth.
  • Rejecting affinity bias can help you create a level playing field where everyone has the opportunity to excel.

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