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Episode 6: The Grim Reaper Is Coming And He Wants Your Money

On episode 6, “The Grim Reaper Is Coming (And He Wants Your Money),” we’ll be talking with Dave McCarthy regarding estate planning. During this conversation, we’ll learn not only about the importance of planning from a personal perspective, but from a professional one as well – vital, if you have any desire to protect your assets after you’re gone. Dave will share how imperative it is to have critical, timely conversations when it comes to proper estate planning.

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Don’t Miss Out On Those Important Conversations – Especially When The Topic Is Estate Planning
Personal Financial Affairs Record - Rea & Associates - Ohio CPA Firm
Bright Idea: Make sure everyone in your family has their financial information organized and in one place. This organizer is a great place to start. Get started today, click here to download your Personal Financial Records Document now.

You probably don’t regularly have conversations with your loved ones about death. Unfortunately, by avoiding this conversation you are missing out on an opportunity to help ease the emotional and taxable burden that comes with estate planning. Check out the resources below to learn more.

Two Tips For Asset Protection Planning – Estate planning has many aspects, from asset protection, to asset ownership, beneficiary designations to protection from future creditor claims. As a result, a number of strategies should be considered for your overall plan. Get started now.

Learn more about the personal tax services offered by Rea & Associates, including:

  • Tax preparation & planning
  • Estate & gift planning strategies
  • Trust design
  • Succession planning for your business
  • Other wealth transfer & protection strategies
Dave McCarthy Interview | After Death Planning | Ohio Business Podcast

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