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episode 34 – the best way to buy a business, build a relationship that matters

This week, on episode 34, the best way to buy a business, build a relationship that matters, we get a peek into a special business owner/business advisor relationship between Ryan Dumermuth, CPA, CFP, principal at Rea & Associates, and Kirk Spillman, president and CEO of Eagle Machinery. Together they discuss the importance of advisory trust and an ever “evolving“ relationship, as key pillars of essential professional services during the process of evaluating and buying a business. And listeners will learn that regardless of the nature of business one considers to acquire, it’s important to examine the many types of consultative services you may need, which are usually not directly related to your product line or customer base.

Kirk reminisces about his entrepreneurial journey to buying a business and shares the lessons he learned along the way. Ryan provides insight on the risks and unique challenges for buyers who are not flush with cash, and explains why it’s important to know what you don’t know.

Overall, listeners will learn about the power of having a true professional partner with resources, support, advice, and experience, and how this powerful, strong relationship can greatly benefit a business owner in the buyer’s journey.

Start listening to episode 34, the best way to buy a business, build a relationship that matters, on unsuitable on Rea Radio to learn how you might be able to make the most of your buying journey with the help of trusted business advisors. Visit for additional articles and insight.

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