episode 29: mastering the un-manageable magic of millennials

Pat Porter | Generations in the Workplace | Ohio Accounting Firm
On episode 29 of unsuitable on Rea Radio, “mastering the un-manageable magic of millennials,” Mark is joined by Pat Porter, director of human resources at Rea & Associates, to talk about some of the staffing issues companies are having today. Start listening now.

Human resources professionals, among many others, spend a lot of time analyzing the generational qualities of the population. Millennials, in particular, seem to stir up quite a bit of buzz. While everybody seems to have an opinion about their work-ethic, purchasing power, ability to commit, and everything else under the sun; they cannot deny that millennials have re-designed the way businesses operate. In other words – millennials are commanding our attention. On episode 29 of unsuitable on Rea Radio, “mastering the un-manageable magic of millennials,” Mark is joined by Pat Porter, director of human resources at Rea & Associates, to talk about some of the staffing issues companies are having today.

To help listeners get a better idea about the complexities of staffing the business, Pat identifies the five generational categories that make up the American workforce and how each generation views their role in the workplace. Just as each generation views the world slightly differently than the others; recruiters must be able to tailor their recruiting strategy in a way that speaks to a particular generation. There is not a one-size-fits-all option. For example, Pat says Baby Boomers “live to work,” Generation Xers “work to live” and Millennials “want to work my way.”

CEOs and other business leaders understand that if they want their business to compete in the marketplace, they have to take a new approach when it comes to reaching a new, digitally-driven consumer. They also understand that nobody knows these new buyers better than Millennials – which means engaging with these young men and women is critical. That being said, every employee brings unique assets (knowledge, skills, abilities and experience) to their position and while, from a generational perspective, there will be challenges, there are also opportunities to consider. At the end of the day, business leaders should ask this single question when considering the company’s employees: regardless of their generation, are they productive? If the answer is yes, then owners would be wise to adapt and let the generational diversity help propel your business forward.

Learn more about the un-manageable magic millennials. Listen to unsuitable on Rea Radio episode 29 now or get more information about staffing your business at www.reacpa.com/podcast.

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